broken spring repair

When the garage door was introduced, the springs were used to balance the weight of the doors. With the passage of time the springs became overloaded with the weight of the doors and it became difficult for them to carry forward. It is due to this fact that clients started complaining about the short life of the springs. It is also true that broken springs are not less than a explosion and if anything goes wrong, it can prove to be life threatening as well. Miller place garage door repair has a series of torsion springs, which, unlike other springs allow the rotatory movement over the doors. We have professional who are trained in proper insulation and installation of the springs. Proper installation means the weight of the springs is equally distributed over the door and not a single spring is overloaded. This way we can also enhance the life of the attached springs.

When we work with the springs, we also keep in mind the weight, size and material of the garage door. If you have a steel garage door, then the attachment of the springs will require different handling, similarly for wood or vinyl garage door, the handling is completely different. Contact us and see how we can help you with your garage doors.